Molly Stuart

The thread that ties my work and these pages together is my ongoing enterprise to bear witness to and provide support for, transformative change.

A lawyer by training, in the corporate world I provide leadership and strategy during tumultuous times - the death of a CEO, dramatic change in industry, fraud.

An educator by practice, instructing at high school, community college, university, law school and on end-of-life, I am organized, well spoken and passionate to empower people with information.

An artist by lineage, I find creative acts provide a process to access other awareness, knowledge and wisdom.

On the following pages you can explore my resources related to:

End-of-Life Good Golly Garden Artist Retreat, and Creative Projects

If you would like me to present to your group please contact me.

if your organization is facing disruptive change please reach out.


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Molly Stuart, JD

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